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Your wife

вадим: It is already 8 o’ clock You can never be in time Try to adjust your black tie Mind you brush off my fair locks She always spends her time at home But you have many towns to roam She has a miserable life, Your wife. You hesitate to go home, To take your bath full of foam Together you have spent ten years And had no clouds to appear Hide from her this sullen mood She is who you’ve loved and stood Even if you made this strife To your wife. With me you seem to be glad To show your latest fad As soon as you have some distress You find her for happiness. This communion of every day Is love in its special way Say nothing, don’t get your knife into Your wife. Of course, you won’t admit your guilt But all your dreams can be inbuilt As soon as you lose my arms You can leave nothing but your harm. Giving some confidence to you At heart you want to break taboos Of your lost love war became rife With your wife. I am who you want and desire For your strong pride and for your fire But simply I wish you to become A dad of my child who will come If someone thinks me be happy She is who will be unhappy After all I can ask myself If you are better be yourself With your wife.

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sandro carbacini: интересный английский кавер "Ta Femme". спасибо за перевод

alexandre: разве это она исполняла

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